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Monday Musings – 10/05/10

Lost luggage…

It never ceases to amaze me how one can travel clear around the world with several pieces of luggage and find them on the carousel when he gets off the plane and yet can travel within his own country with one piece of luggage and discover it is lost upon his arrival.

Yesterday my plane (carrier to remain unnamed, unless the luggage is lost forever) landed in Toronto from Montreal at gate C40.  I could see my connecting plane to Edmonton from the right side of the plane at gate C41.  It is probably the easiest and closest connection I have had in all my years of travel.  The baggage handlers could have literally thrown the luggage from one baggage compartment to the other.  And yet when those of us from Montreal who made our connection in Toronto arrived in Edmonton, we were left at the carousel wondering what city our luggage may be in.  You have heard of the expression “so close and yet so far”, I now understand it completely.

Lost luggage is a reminder of how we take so many things in life for granted.  You never think twice about a change of clothes until you have no clothes to change into.  I usually pack some extra clothes in my carry on when MJ and I travel internationally.  I guess from now on I will do the same when I travel in Canada.  Thanks to the Delta Hotel for providing a razor, toothpaste and mouthwash.  I may be wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday when I arrive at my meeting today but at least I will smell good!!!

Until next Monday…


“Taking risks for Kingdom impact!” (with just the clothes on my back!)


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