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Monday Musings 22/11/10

Highway of heroes…

This weekend I stayed in a hotel in Trenton, Ontario.  CFB Trenton is the airbase where fallen heroes first arrive upon their return to Canadian soil.

Sunday, the friends I was with took me to the road at CFB Trenton where the repatriations begin.  We followed the road to the 401, now known as the Highway of Heroes.  It was sobering and surreal to follow the path of the fallen heroes.  And to see houses along the way displaying Canadian flags made me feel so proud to be a Canadian!

We must never forget those who have fought for our freedom in the past.  My father was one of those who left Canadian soil during WWII to defend our freedom as a nation.  And we must continue to remember those who presently serve our country with distinction in an effort to maintain peace around the world.  Soldiers past and present, you are true Canadian heroes!!!

Speaking of heroes, it was thirty one year’s ago today that two heroes in my life died on a highway in Ontario.  Mom and Dad, you will always be remembered for the heritage you left behind and the values you instilled in my brother and me while you were alive.  On this day of remembering your untimely passing, I thank God for every memory of you!!

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