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Monday Musings – 29/11/10

100 blogs…10,000 hits

Dave Ferguson, in his book “Exponential”, co-authored with his brother Jon, says:  “You just need to find the courage to believe what God has said to you and speak out loud the dream that God has given you – share it with someone and make it real.”

Let me speak my dream out loud.  This week marks my 85th blog since starting Monday Musings in April of 2009.  As of the writing of this blog, there have been 7,795 hits.

One of my dreams has been to put the top 52 Monday Musings (one for each week) into print once I reach 100 blogs or 10,000 hits (whichever comes first).  The proceeds of the booklet will go toward spreading the message of “Re-inventing the Church” around the world.

So there it is, I have spoken one of my dreams out loud and by sharing it with you, I am making it real.  If you have enjoyed one or many of my blogs, I would appreciate you sharing it with a friend and have them join the readership of Monday Musings.  I am 15 weeks away from one 100 blogs and only 2,205 hits away from 10,000 so it will be interesting to see which comes first.

Thanks to all of those who take the time to read Monday Musings.  Feel free to pass on to a friend if you think they would benefit from reading it.  By the way, the archives on the right allow you to review blogs from the past.  If there is one in particular that you have enjoyed, let me know and who knows, it may make it into the top 52!!

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