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Monday Musings – 20/12/10


Countdown to Christmas…6 days!

We are just six days away from celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Marie-José and I want to take this opportunity to wish all of those who read this blog a most wonderful Christmas season!!  After the shopping, the baking, the parties, and the wrapping is all over, we trust you will make the time to celebrate the reason for the season – Jesus, the greatest gift of all time!

Someone sent me this YouTube video this morning.  You may enjoy this spin on the 12 days of Christmas.

Countdown to Kitwe…18 days!

We are just eighteen days away from Leaving Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport here in Montreal with our three fifty pound hockey bags, three bags of luggage, and as much carry – on as we can get away with, and flying to Lusaka, Zambia.  After spending a few days in Lusaka, buying small appliances etc., we will pack our pre-owned 2000 Nissan X-trail and drive five hours north to our new African home in Kitwe, Zambia.

Below is a connection to a YouTube PowerPoint presentation explaining what RTC is all about.

Spending Christmas with our children will be a thrill.  Leaving for Kitwe will be another faith-filled, stepping out of the boat walk of obedience!

Monday Musings will take a break next week.

Until 03/01/11…


Taking Risks for Kingdom Impact!

Monday Musings – 13/12/10

Coins, cords and veils…

I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of a Filipino pastor friend of mine yesterday.  In front of a packed out congregation of witnesses, Rod and Julie united in marriage.

The Filipino culture includes some unique traditions in the wedding ceremony.  Following the vows and giving of rings three things happen.

First, there is the exchange of coins.  The groom is handed a small basket of coins which he immediately gives to the Bride.  Most of us who are married would chuckle and suggest that the groom is a smart man to hand over the money immediately to his bride because, ultimately, we know who will spend it.  But the tradition suggests that the groom takes the responsibility to care for the financial needs of his bride as her provider.

Second, the bride and groom are covered with a veil.  This symbolizes the covering and protection of God over their marriage and home.

Finally, a cord is placed around their necks.  Now, I suppose, there would be some who would interpret this tradition as the bride having control over the groom causing marriage to become like a noose around ones neck.  In Filipino tradition, the cord represents the bond of love that God creates between a man and a woman through marriage.  It symbolizes that it is their love for God and each other that will keep their marriage together through thick and thin.

So, thanks Rod and Julie for reminding us of what a healthy marriage is all about.  Oh, that every marriage would reflect provision, protection and bonds of love!  Just something to think about, maybe there would be less marriage breakdown and family heartache if we all chose to live out these traditions in our marriages.

Until next Monday…


Taking risks for Kingdom impact!

P.S.  The countdown is on, MJ and I leave for Kitwe, Zambia in 25 days!

Monday Musings 06/12/10

From the family room to center stage…

There is nothing quite like watching your children excel and fulfill their dreams.

Last night, MJ and I got back from Ottawa in time to attend the 26th annual Singing Christmas Tree at Evangel in Montreal.  I had the privilege of participating in thirteen of them but last night’s presentation will go down in history as the greatest of them all for me.

What a thrill to sit in the audience, not as a pastor but as a father, and watch my son fulfill a dream.  For years Jonathan has dreamed of conducting a mass choir.  I have listened as he shared his vision of what a choir would look like and sound like, and I have even observed him “shadow” leading a choir in our family room while listening to cd’s of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  Well, last night, life for Jonathan moved from the shadows of a family room to the centre stage of a jammed packed church in downtown Montreal, and MJ and I were there to see it!  And then, to hear our daughter-in-law, Julia, sing a moving solo just made the night that much better.

To top it all off, all of this happened on our daughter’s birthday.  Stéphanie, thanks for adding the icing on the cake!!!

Children are our greatest gift from God, next to the gift of salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I would hope that it is the desire of every parent reading this blog to see your children excel in life, and even exceed the successes you have enjoyed.  Perhaps, there are some parents who have experienced disappointment in the path a child has taken, and the dreams you have had for them appear to be broken.  Can I encourage you to keep loving them and praying for them, and let them know that you still believe in them.  Never give up on the dream, champion their successes and entrust your child’s future into the hands of God!!!

Until next Monday…


Taking risks for Kingdom impact!


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