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Monday Musings – 24/01/11

Hump days…

The speed bumps in Kitwe are the size of some of the ski hills that MJ and I have skied in the Eastern Townships of Quebec!  They are so large that traffic has to come to a near stop to get over them.  One has to gear down from fourth to second or first to get over the massive hump.

Wednesday of this week was what I call a “hump day” in our journey here in Kitwe.  After spending one week going back and forth from the guest house to Kopa St., renovating, painting and, oh yes, going from store to store two to three times a day, we finally moved into our new home.  We started running in fourth gear when we arrived in Kitwe, two weeks ago.  In spite of having to gear down to second and first on many occasions, as we adjusted to the culture around us, it felt so good to wake up in our new home, last Thursday morning.

Speed bumps in Kitwe are known as “sleeping policemen”, and they are meant to slow you down as you approach the downtown core.  It is a reminder to me, that we need speed bumps in our lives to slow us down from time to time.  Most of us speed through life in fourth gear and don’t like it when we have to slow down for the bumps in the road.  Instead of seeing them as bumps, why not consider them as humps?  Humps help you to get to the next level in life; they help you to set goals in your life.  We arrived in Kitwe with the goal of moving into our home one week later, and “hump day”, Wednesday, was the fulfillment of that goal.  This Wednesday, and many other Wednesdays to follow, will be other hump days that will take us further and further toward the ultimate goal of completing the renovations. 

This past Saturday was a hump day in our ministry.  I took the morning off from renovations,      and had the privilege of meeting about 120 pastors from the Copperbelt region of Zambia.  It was a chance to share the vision of RTC, and the leadership center, that we are here to develop.  It appears that our ministry was well received, and it was a tremendous opportunity to promote the seminars that we will begin in March.  Thank God for “hump days”!!!

By the way, I am writing this blog from Lusaka.  MJ and I returned the Toyota Land Cruiser (our Hill Billy Mobile) to Lusaka, and the keys to our Nissan X-Trail were handed to us on Sunday.  As I write to you, I look at a ten year old car that looks like new and has only 37,000 kilometres on it (certified as original miles).  God is good!!!!!!

Perhaps today will be a “hump day” in your life.  Don’t see it as an interruption, but as a goal that helps you to reach the next level in your life.

Until next Monday…


Taking risks for Kingdom impact!


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  • J Slick

    January 24, 2011

    It’s so good to hear that things are going better for you and MJ. I miss our Skype time Don I really do, but now is our time to go from bump to hump. We moved in on 1-15-11 and God provided such amazing help. It took us 12 hours but we are in our new home in Flowery Branch, GA. We are starting to feeel settled. God has provide for us in ways that only our God can do and that is simply “miraculous”. I have an interview on Weds so please pray for that but we do feel more at home and are surrounded with friends that have been already a great support.
    We love you and pray fro you ever morning during our prayer time. And remember Don I will be with you some day ministering in Zambia. Until next email Love you both J & Sylvie Slick

  • Keith & Linda

    January 25, 2011

    Hey Bro. Happy that you are getting settled in. Wish we were closer so we could lend a hand. Sounds like you are making great progress. You and M-J continue to be in our prayers.

    Love to both.

    Keith & Linda

  • Ken Upton

    January 29, 2011

    Hi Don & MJ. Wonderful hump message there, Very appropriate with the speed bumps you are driving over. Cobourg Camp probably doesn’t know what a speed bump is until they see yours. Glad you are hunkered in there now. I’ll always remember Bill Cornelius talking about the great country of ZAMBIAAAA…. during mission Sunday at Camp. Be safe you guys!! BTW, policemen don’t sleep!! We “rest” !!!! Blessings, The Uptons

  • Lynn Kohls

    January 31, 2011

    Hey guys – Welcome back to Africa – speed bumps/craters, hump days, and all the great things you’ve enjoyed so far! SO look forward to seeing you guys at retreat in March and to a face to face catch up. lots of love … your Kenyan Kousins family … the Kohls


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