Browse Day: March 14, 2011

Monday Musings – 14/03/11

The work has begun…

Construction has begun on RTC’s leadership center at TTC!

Today marked the first full day of renovations on the second and third floor of the RTC leadership center.  Painting of ceilings, patching of walls, and running of electrical conduit were all part of day one. 

I had the job of placing wire mesh on the third floor soffits to prevent birds from coming in.  As I rounded the corner I came face to face with a beautiful white owl that had made the third floor his home.  Thanks to one of the workers, the owl has left the leadership center in search of a new home.

How exciting to be a part of seeing progress at the prayer tower.  In spite of the difficulties of the last few weeks, there is a sense of moving ahead for Kingdom purposes.  By the way, it has been decided that the prayer tower will be named in memory of Rob Hall.  A special dedication event is being planned for May of this year.

Last week RTC conducted seminars in Kitwe, Kabwe and Lusaka.  We had one hundred and fifty two pastors register for our inaugural seminars “Team work makes the dream work!”  We are off to a great start with much more to come.

Until next Monday…


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