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Monday Musings 28/03/11

Managing Multiple Projects…

A number of years ago, while I was Church Ministries Director for Eastern Ontario and Quebec, I attended a seminar called “Managing Multiple Projects”.  At that time, I attended the seminar in hopes of having greater effectiveness in juggling at least five different departments ranging from children to senior citizens.

I have discovered in life that most of us, no matter what our profession, are continuously managing multiple projects.  It is no different here in Zambia.  As a matter of fact, I would be wise to pull out my seminar notes, except they are in a file somewhere in Canada.

MJ and I have a lot on the go right now.  Renovations to our house on Kopa Street, renovations to the Prayer Tower at TTC, development of RTC leadership seminars including an upcoming Pastor/Board seminar on April 16th are just a few of our current projects.   Add to this fund raising and keeping our financial partners informed of our progress, and you have an idea of what we are presently managing.

In the midst of it all, our internet has been down for over ten days and there is no guarantee that it will be up and running any time soon (thanks to the Kerr’s for letting us use their Internet to get this blog out).  Now, at the risk of sounding like we are complaining, we are not, we are simply trying to manage projects that, in the long run, are going to pay huge dividends!!!!  These projects are why we came to Zambia and these projects are what we believe will have a lasting impact upon the Continent of Africa.  We just have to manage them properly.

Just this morning, in my personal time, I had a talk with my Heavenly Father and was reminded of how important it is to stay focused on the One who has called and equipped us to see these projects through to completion.  It is so tempting to just keep pushing until the job gets done but like a vehicle, you will run out of gas unless you stop at the fuel pump. And also, you’ll break down and burnout without a regular oil change.  The worst thing that anyone of us who handle multiple projects can do is to try and do it in our own strength.  By the way, MJ and I fly to Kenya this week for our annual global worker retreat.  What a way to refuel and get an oil change!!!!

Daily, I am gaining a new appreciation of what “Rome was not built in a day” means, especially here in Africa. 

Included in this blog are a few before and after pictures of the Prayer Tower renovations.  I hope you will enjoy watching the progress.

Until next Monday…


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