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Monday Musings 13/02/12

MJ turns the big 50 today!!!!

Normally, a man would be crazy to let the world know that his wife has just turned 50.  But how can I resist telling you especially when my weekly Monday Musings blog falls on the day of her milestone birthday.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked some family and friends to send birthday greetings by email under the theme “What Not To Wear” (a take-off of a television show).  Contrary to what some might be thinking, it was my way of preparing MJ to go away for a couple of days in celebration of her birthday.  Every few days I forwarded some of them to MJ leading up to her big day.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  The emails were incredibly creative and meaningful.  Although I could not use all of them in this blog, I saved a few that describe MJ so well.

“It doesn’t seem possible that you are joining the very elite “50’s” club today!!!  You still look as young and as great as ever and you seriously look good in whatever you wear 🙂

Have a marvellous time away with Don – may it be the beginning of a year of good surprises from our God and a decade of faithfulness and fruitfulness!

Who could have imagined years ago in Greenfield Park that we would both be serving in Africa today?

Our paths have crossed over many years and this is the most exciting season for us all in many ways – we’re so glad you’re here!  You have always had more than a beautiful face, Marie, your depth and your desire to serve God and make your life count for righteousness has always inspired me.

To see you here in Africa – making the most and the best of it is just a witness to your commitment to Christ.  And to Don!   Congratulations on a happy marriage too – it is a great testimony these days and we love hanging out with you guys whenever we can.”

Be blessed, friend!!!

Lynn (and Paul)

“She was stunning, engaging, warm, friendly, had a evident love for people and a classy French Canadian style!    These were my first impressions of Marie José.

As time went on, I saw more in this special young woman.  She had a hunger for God, sought the place of prayer and had the call of God on her life for ministry.

As her Pastor’s Wife, I had many talks with Marie José about God’s call, which she wasn’t quite sure about.  She loved her relationship with the Lord and wanted to do His will.  It was full time ministry that raised questions for her.

But God did His work.  When Marie José and Don married, I knew that these two were anointed and had a special place in God’s kingdom work that would be unique to them and their calling and it would be a large work beyond what they could have ever imagined!

I’m pleased to send birthday greetings to my dear friend, Marie José Mann!  You are special and will always be special to me.  You are gifted, wise, have the ability to see into the future and know how to take faith steps to build and shape it.  I am proud of who you have become and know that there is still more that God will develop in and through you.

50?  A great age!  When I turned 50, I finally felt grown-up!  You’re just beginning, girl!   God has developed you as a leader “for such a time as this” but the future and its promises lay ahead for you to discover and shape.

I love a quote by Wayne Cordeiro which states:  “Potential always lies ahead of you, not behind you.  It is found in what can still be done, not in what you have already done.”

So, my gift to you on this your milestone birthday is my firm belief in you, your God-given abilities and your potential.  You are equipped by God to make an incredible impact in the kingdom of God.

With tons of love and a big hug from Canada.  Always your friend!”

Margaret Gibb

“What an amazing coincidence.  On January 28, 2012, the very day after Don sent us an email regarding his ingenious ‘What Not to Wear’ scheme to celebrate your birthday, our eyes caught this headline in The Gazette:

MONTREAL – “La Grande Dame de Montréal” is half a century old, but by all accounts she’s aging gracefully.

We could only wonder who had tipped them off to the momentous occasion of your 50th birthday considering Don’s efforts to keep things under wraps for now at least.  We had to read on… oh, our mistake, the article went on to talk about

Place Ville Marie – inaugurated in 1962 as the “Eiffel Tower of Montreal”

The article did continue to expand on the ‘Grande Dame’s’ many outstanding features from commanding the highest rents in the city and remaining a design and development success, being a pioneer in the development of underground shopping.  So… it’s not such a stretch after all with all these things in common – high class, stunning sense of design and shopping too!

Seriously though, we do want to wish you all the best for your 50th birthday.  We hope you enjoy your lovely surprise.  We know it won’t involve driving through a snow storm to celebrate our birthdays together at the Willows or having a drink sent to our shared table in the historic setting of the Keg in Old Montreal but, knowing Don, we are sure it will be memorable.

Have fun, enjoy the celebration, don’t worry about the number and remember lots and lots of friends will be thinking of you from afar on your special day.

May God grant you many, many more years of meaningful service, love of family and friendship with many.”

Lot of love from,

Gwen and Gary

By the way, MJ knows how to end the first half century of her life in style.  We watched Zambia win the 2012 African Cup of Soccer for the first time in their history.  Zambia will go absolutely wild today.  All in celebration of MJ’s 50th!!!

I love you Marie-José!!!!!!!!!

Until next Monday…


Taking risks for Kingdom impact…


One Comments

  • Christine & Chabee

    February 23, 2012

    Marie Josee,
    Wow! the big one. Happy Birthday.I sent a card via-email to you.
    We love your smile and those great words of encouragement.
    Remember Chabee always complementing you on your fashion choices.
    Its great knowing that both of you are still on fire for the Lord.
    With our love & prayers.
    Christine & Chabee.


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