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Monday Musings 07/05/12

The Pineapple Challenge…

Our daughter is an assistant head nurse on the oncology floor of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

She and three of her co-workers signed up to compete in the Pineapple Challenge last Saturday to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.  I had the privilege of running alongside of them as their encourager and water boy.

Watching them and hundreds of others run through the gruelling five kilometre obstacle course, I was reminded that there are many wonderful people living on this earth who are willing to work hard for a good cause.  As the team reached the breaking point of stamina, and exhaustion was knocking on the door, my daughter commented that “it was only the kids on her floor that were keeping her going”.

This team of nurses work with cancer stricken children, some who never make it to their teen years.  As if it is not enough to spend twelve hour shifts with the children and their parents, the team raised money and ran the Pineapple Challenge for “their kids”.  I salute them and all of the dedicated medical staff who give of themselves everyday to bring help, healing and hope to sick children.

At the end of the day, it is not the gruelling obstacle race that one remembers; it is the satisfaction of knowing  that you gave your selfless best to help someone else in need.

Chiquita team, I salute you!!!  Bravo for a strong finish!!!  Maybe next year instead of running alongside of you, I can run with you??????

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