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Monday Musings 14/05/12

The Power of Partnership…

So much of what I write, talks about those on the receiving end of what we do.  Today, I want to talk about those who make it possible for us to give.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of reporting to one of the congregations who partnered with us in the development of the internet café at TTC in Kitwe.  As I prepared for the presentation, I was over taken by “the power of partnership”.

Think about it…the internet café partnership included two churches from Montreal, and a company who donated ten computers toward the project.  One of the partnering churches sent their pastor and an IT specialist to set up the internet café.  The power of partnership!!!

In addition to this, a company has partnered with RTC to provide pastors and church leaders with pens, notebooks and portfolios for our conferences.  Then there is the man who donated an industrial sewing machine for our new Chitenga Creations project (more on this at another time).  As if all of this is not enough, a trucking company delivered all of the donated items free of charge to the container!

What a delight yesterday to hear the congregation break out in applause three or four times during the presentation.  You could sense the joy filling the room as people realized that they had played a significant part in making a dream become a reality!

I am reminded that MJ and I are able to do what we do because of people who partner with us.  This blog salutes all who have participated in “the power of partnership” on the Continent of Africa!  Any stories written are only made possible because of people who catch a vision and give toward a cause.  I get to write the stories but you are the heroes who provide the paper and pens!

Just this morning, I read these words from 1 Chronicles 15.  “But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”

Thank you for the powerful partnership.  May your hands be kept strong, knowing that your work will be rewarded!

The power of partnership!!!!!

Until next Monday…


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