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Monday Musings 04/03/13

But God remembered Noah…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of preaching at Twatasha PAOGZ church in the Twatasha compound.

A few years ago, a team from Canada, including a very dear friend of mine, attended a Sunday morning service at this same church. At that time, the church roof consisted of pieces of cardboard nailed to the wood trusses. While the team was worshipping with the congregation, the rains began to fall and they found themselves dodging the water drops that kept falling on their heads through the cardboard roof. That morning, the team decided to raise money amongst themselves for a new roof. Within days it was installed.

Ironically, I preached on Noah yesterday, only this time the Twatasha PAOGZ “ark” had a steel roof. I reminded the people that in the midst of a corrupt and evil society, “God remembered Noah”. In the midst of a dark, lonely, smelly ark, “God remembered Noah”. The same God who remembered Noah in the ark, is the same God who remembers us today in the midst of our circumstances! It was a simple message, but one worth preaching again!!

As I worshipped with the people yesterday, I was reminded of the faithfulness of God in putting it on the heart of a group of Canadians to sacrificially give toward a new roof. Following the service, Pastor Chanda was still expressing his gratitude for the Canadians who helped. By the way, Twatasha in Bimba means “thank you”. So thank you to my dear friend and his teamates for providing a steel roof. Team work makes the dream work!

On another note, this week RTC is in the heart of its leadership training here in Zambia! Over the next four weeks, it is estimated that we will pour into five hundred plus pastors/church leaders in four different locations. I would appreciate your prayers as the team travels to the following locations.

March 8 & 9 – Mpika, Zambia
March 12 & 13 – Mansa, Zambia
March 15 & 16 – Livingstone, Zambia
March 26 & 27 – Chipata, Zambia

Please pray for safety as we travel many miles by road as well as air. Pray also for favour as the team, consisting of Brian Rutten and Mamusha Fenta (from Ethiopia), Harrison Sakala and myself (from Zambia) teach on “Mentoring a Generation” in three of the four locations. In the fourth location, another team consisting of John Kerr, Victor Chanda and myself will be teaching “Current Trends in Pentecostalism”.

I would appreciate you checking the RTC schedule at for a detailed look at upcoming conferences both in Africa and Canada.

Your prayers are appreciated!

Until next Monday…




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