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Monday Musings (special Wednesday edition) 20/03/13

Generational Unity…

planeHundreds of miles and multiple modes of transportation, in three different provinces of Zambia, have allowed RTC to minister to five hundred and twenty-six pastors and church leaders over the last two weeks.van




I am grateful for an incredible team of presenters who gave such positive insights into the timely and important subject of mentoring in Zambia.  Brian Rutten and Mamusha Fenta from Ethiopia modeled mentorship through their relationship that has spanned 21 years.  Harrison Sakala and I spoke into the life of Zambian pastors and leaders about the importance of positive, healthy mentoring relationships in this great country.

The bulk of the teaching can be summed up in these few words.  Mentoring is not so much about succession as it is a process.  We tend to mentor people in the hopes that they will succeed us in ministry some day.  True mentorship is based on natural relationships that allow us to learn from one another over a process of time. of the highlights at each conference was what we called “Insaka” sessions.  Insaka, in the Bemba language, is a village custom where elders gather the people intergenerationally under a tree for a time of teaching, sharing together and learning from one another.  Our “insaka” sessions allowed for incredible times of interaction with the presenters, as well as district and national leaders who had gathered.


Then there were the altar responses.  These times included everything from intergenerational prayer circles to the entire conference delegation surrounding the sanctuary and praying for the nation of Zambia!

Next week, John Kerr, Victor Chanda and I travel to the Eastern Province.  For two days we will conduct a conference called “Current Trends in Pentecostalism”.

Over the next three months, RTC will participate in leadership development in South Africa, Congo and Kenya.  I once again want to thank all of our supporters who make it possible for MJ and me to fulfill the role that we feel so strongly connected to.  Sound Biblical leadership principles that are poured into leaders will strengthen the church for greater spiritual impact in the days ahead.  Thank you for your financial and prayerful support!


Until next time…



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