Browse Day: March 25, 2013

Monday Musings 25/03/13

Don & MJCurrent Trends in Pentecostalism…

I leave for Chipata, Zambia today with John Kerr and Victor Chanda.  Over the next two days, we will pour into pastors and church leaders on the topic of “Current Trends in Pentecostalism”.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

During the week, I will keep you updated on FB and Twitter.

Yesterday, MJ and I were in a church in the mining town of Mufulira.   This is a community where alcohol and prostitution is rampant.  As a matter of fact, I competed with the noise coming from the local bar located just beside the church.  I was captured by the number of young people in the church and their heart for worship.  God, protect the youth of Zambia.  May the church love them into the Kingdom before alcohol and prostitution lures them to a promiscuous lifestyle.IMG_1899

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