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Monday Musings 17/06/13

IMG_0913Going where no man has gone before…

I had the privilege of spending two days with twelve men at the Missions Transformation Center outside of Kampala, Uganda, this past weekend.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of God – Uganda, was gifted a plot of land that has become a training center for people who feel called to take the Gospel to unreached people groups in Uganda and Southern Sudan.  Joy Johnston, one of our fellow global workers, travels to Uganda three times a year to conduct missions training sessions at the Center.  What a delight to spend time with Joy and see where and how God is using her for Kingdom purposes.IMG_0915

It was so inspiring to sit with men whose passion for lost people causes them to move to the remotest of villages and work amongst tribes who have never heard about the love of Jesus.  One gentleman, who traveled over 2,500 km to come to the center, has planted a church in the South Sudan that now numbers over six hundred people.

IMG_0884Sometimes I am asked when I return to Canada, “what is the largest crowd you have preached to in Africa”?  As I was teaching the twelve this weekend, I was thinking that it may be one of the smallest seminars I have been a part of on the Continent thus far.  However, the exponential growth of the Kingdom that is happening through these lives will number into the thousands in the days to come.  No wonder Jesus spent so much time with the twelve!!!

To top off the weekend, yesterday, I had the privilege of preaching at a church in Bombo, Uganda.  At the end of the service, when a call to salvation was given, a young lady and even younger boy came forward.  The young lady told the story of how she got lost coming to church.  After finding the church and hearing the message, she said that the words that touched her were “why settle for the counterfeit, when you can have the original”.  She went on to say, how tired she was of chasing the counterfeit and wanted to accept the real Jesus into her heart!!!!photo

After two hours sleep and catching a 5 a.m. flight this morning from Uganda, I find myself back in Kitwe knowing that MJ and I have one final week to call this place our African home. There is much to be done in the next few days, and many memories to cherish.  When the plane leaves Zambian soil next Monday, we will begin to write a whole new chapter in our life and ministry here on the Continent of Africa.

Until next Monday…


Monday Musings 10/06/13

IMG_2104Turning the key on seven padlocks…

Two weeks today, MJ and I will turn the key for the final time on the seven padlocks of our Zambian home and return to Canada for the next six months.

Zambia has been our African home for the last three years.  It is here that a solid foundation has been laid for RTC.  As of January 2014, we will begin to build on that foundation from our new home in South Africa.  MJ and I will miss Kitwe and the people of Zambia.  However, we are confident that this move will take RTC and Chitenge Creations to a whole new level of effectiveness in the days ahead.

To our Zambian friends, thank you for giving us the opportunity to launch RTC in your beautiful country.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and love.  I am confident we are leaving behind leaders who have caught the vision of sound leadership principles and practices.  Don’t forget we that we plan to return to Zambia each year.  Already a conference is being planned for March 2014.

To our Canadian family, friends, and supporters, thank you for making all that we do possible.  We count on your ongoing encouragement and support as RTC moves to new levels in South Africa.  MJ and I will see you on Canadian soil very soon.

To God, we say thank You for the privilege of serving the Kingdom on African soil.  We are blessed beyond human measure!!!

IMG_2094MJ and I are amazed at how God has ordered our steps in the last two weeks.  After discovering that the cost of a move would be four times the value of our furniture, we decided to sell everything here in Zambia and start over in South Africa.  This meant we had to come up with a plan to sell our furniture, having only three weeks to do it.  We decided to rely on local networks and came up with a three step plan.  First, we would have an open house for missionaries who live in the Kitwe area.  Second, we would advertise with a local organization called “The Wednesday Club”.  If either or both of those failed, we would arrange for a local auctioneer to come and auction our furniture.  Using existing email lists, MJ and I advertised an open house for the missionaries, and sent out an advertisement to the Wednesday Club.  Immediately, we started to receive phone calls, and within five hours, eighty-five percent of our furniture was sold!  We actually had to cancel the open house because almost everything was gone.  Suddenly, MJ and I had to come up with a bed to sleep in and a couch to sit on for the next three weeks.  A problem we were willing to live with!IMG_2095

This week, I begin the process of exporting our car from Zambia to South Africa.  Hopefully, things will go as smoothly on this front as it did with the furniture.

By the way, I will be flying to Uganda on Friday for a weekend of ministry and strategic planning.  Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Until next Monday…





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