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Monday Musings 12/08/13

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Last week I had the privilege of being in a room for two days with eight thousand other leaders at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.  What an amazing opportunity!  What an amazing experience!

I thought I would share a few quotes from my notes.  Hopefully you will find some “tidbits” that will be helpful in developing your leadership skills.

Bill Hybels

“Vision is a picture of the future that creates passion in people”

“Don’t abort a vision at the halfway point”

“Don’t blame God and put the vision back at His feet”

“Don’t die a coward”

“Don’t bail on your mission”

“Some of the most rewarding experiences of the leader are reserved for later in life”

“Reinvent your organization and yourself more than once”

General Colin Powell

“Leadership is getting more out of people than science says you can”

“Leaders inspire people to reach beyond themselves”

“It will look different in the morning”

“Get mad but get over it”

“Tell me early”

Brené Brown

“Love and belonging are irreducible needs of adults and children”

“We can’t give what we don’t have”

“What kills love kills organizations”

“Without failure there can be no innovation”

“You can choose courage or comfort but you cannot choose both”

Oscar Murui (Nairobi, Kenya)

“The size of the harvest depends on the number of leaders”

“Live for the next generation”

“Never do ministry alone, always have budding leaders around you”

Other quotes

“Leadership is intentional influence”

“Innovative leaders have to be humble”

“Building the capacity of the church will change the world”

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