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Monday Musings 07/04/14

Crossing Boundaries ConferenceCrossing Boundaries…

Over the last six weeks, my travels have taken me to five countries on two continents. My eight month old passport that is supposed to last ten years is already one third full as I have crossed continental borders and cultural boundaries.

Just this morning, someone commented on how much fun my job must be as I get to travel to all of these places around the world. Laboriously long flights that cross time zones, security checks, passport controls, packing and re-packing with just one night at home in your own bed, fall well below the level of fun. What is exhilarating is having the opportunity to see the story that God is writing worldwide.

How can one describe adequately what it is like to spend time in a communist country one week, a Muslim dominated country another week and conduct a missional church conference in between? To have the privilege of spending time with people who see governmental control or religious domination as an opportunity not an obstacle, is truly inspiring. To watch the church grow in the midst of opposition is a reminder that God, not government or religion, has the final word. To hear of a young person who is training for ministry tell you that God gave them a dream in 2011, only to have a missional conference in 2014 confirm their calling makes all the travel worth it. To have a pastor tell you he is returning to his church with a reaffirmation of missions ignites a greater passion for the planning of the next RTC conference.

MJ and I are working on a newsletter that will explain in greater detail how RTC is crossing boundaries. Although it will have to be carefully written in an effort to protect some of those it is written about, let this blog wet your appetite for more of the script that God is writing around the world.

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