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Monday Musings 28/04/14

4032-jogger1Have you ever wondered…

I was out for my morning “ralk” (that’s what I call my combination run and walk) last week. As I am minding my business, a guy drives by and shows me the proverbial one fingered salute.

Somewhat unnerved and annoyed, I spent the rest of my “ralk” wondering why he would feel it necessary to share such a gesture. A flood of question invaded my mind.

Was I on the wrong side of the road? I think not or else I would not have observed his “salute”.

Did he mistake me for someone else? If so, I guess he really doesn’t like the one he had mistakenly identified. Or, maybe he did recognize me and doesn’t like me, although I am pretty new in this town.

Does he have something against “ralkers”? Maybe my “ralking” reminds him of the fact that he should be doing what I am doing, thus displaying his guilt through his greeting?

Is it possible that someone close to him was injured or even died while doing the same thing, and this is how he handles his grief?

Maybe he didn’t like my outfit, although I thought I looked pretty good in the outfit I got real cheap in China? Maybe that’s it, he didn’t like my Nike knock-off “ralking” shorts?

Or, maybe he didn’t like the Christian music I was listening too through my earphones, although he had no way of hearing it?

So, for the rest of my “ralk” I mused at why he felt it necessary to give me the one finger salute.

I thought of how unhappy that person must be to feel he had to greet a perfect stranger with such an irritating gesture. I thought of how miserable he must be to live with. If he could show one that he does not know how he feels, what must it be like for those who are closest to him?

By the end of my “ralk” I thought of how unhappy that person must be. I began to feel sorry for him. Then I thought of the many others just like him who go through life holding a grudge, taking their frustrations out on others, or living with a constant chip on their shoulder?

MJ and I were purchasing something in a store on Easter weekend. As usual, I tried my Canadian humour, and as usual no one laughed. After the typical Canadian way of apologizing for my non reactionary humour, the lady said, please don’t apologize, do you know how many people come into this store looking and sounding miserable? At least you come in the store with a smile and are pleasant to deal with.

Can I challenge us to live happy? Can I challenge those of us who know Jesus, to live daily in the resurrection power of Jesus? Can I challenge us to live with faith on our face? Can I challenge us to live like Jesus?

Until next Monday…


P.S.  It’s time to go for my “ralk”, I wondered what kind of greeting awaits me today?




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