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Monday Musings – The World At Our Doorstep (29/09/14)

photoThe world at our doorstep…

As you cross the threshold of your home, you step into a whole new world. You may never travel the world, but the world has travelled to you.

Two Sundays ago, MJ and I had the privilege of participating in the Parade of Nations at our home church in Trinity, Lasalle (Montreal).

I was charged with the responsibility of giving a keynote address on the topic of “Overcomers”.  As I peered beyond the flags and looked over a congregation that represented over fifty countries of the world, I was gripped by the words of Jesus in John 16:33…”In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

MJ prepared and delivered a passionate prayer that addressed the issues and needs confronting various parts of the world. In today’s blog, I include an excerpt of that prayer.

“Lord we take comfort in knowing that although there is so much negativity going on in our world today, that God you are still the only One that can bring true peace amidst so much turmoil.

It can seem as though there are no words that can adequately be spoken through prayer, as there are so many pertinent needs that need Your divine intervention. So, we simply cry out to you in unity of mind, heart, and spirit by asking you to sovereignly hear us from heaven today.


We thank you that Christian growth has been the most prominent in the Asian nations. Yet, we know that it has been the most challenging to evangelize. We pray for those who proclaim you as their Lord and Saviour, but yet, have to do so in secret gathering. We pray that the underground church may experience more freedom and growth. We pray for an end to Christian persecution.


We thank you that religious freedom has increased over much of Africa in recent decades. We pray that a greater sense of integrity would fall upon these nations, especially the church. Grant that the church in Africa become a major influencer, by modelling integrity to their respective nations, so that positive changes, such as economic growth and financial sustainability can take place.

We pray also for persecution that is present in varying intensity in so many of the African countries.

* Displaced in Sudan – May you hear the cry of those that have been displaced and suffer as a result of injustices!!!
* Ebola outbreak in western Africa.


All over Europe, people are known as Christians but yet so many have no personal knowledge of You as Lord of their lives. May the spirit of religiosity be abolished and may a spiritual awakening move over Europe.

For the present unrest in eastern Ukraine, may you again hear the cry of your people on behalf of this political disorder.

Middle East:
As someone once prayed, ‘we pray for the Christians that have long been discriminated against, those that have been marginalized, detained, imprisoned, tortured and even killed for their faith in You. Often theirs is a silent suffering as they are cut off from family and Christian fellowship and they are vulnerable to abuse by their own government and extremist groups.’

Oh God, may you hear their cry and sovereignly move upon their nations.


We thank you for blessing our nation in ways that are far beyond what we deserve. However, we know that you are grieved that we have walk away from the Godly principles upon which this nation was founded.

We pray for a moral and spiritual awakening to fall upon our land… May our governmental leaders, upon every level of society, turn away from their own dependency to that of seeking you for the survival of our Nation.

God heal our land and make Canada glorious and free from sea to sea! Amen.”photo-2

The healing of our land includes the nations of the world who have arrived on our doorstep. You may fear your neighbour and ignore them because you don’t understand or know their culture. Have you ever taken the time to think what it must be like for your neighbour to adjust to a Canadian lifestyle that is totally foreign to them? MJ and I, over the last six years, have had to make adjustments to cultures totally foreign to us. We are indebted to those who have befriended us in our transition.

Your friendship may be the link to your neighbour becoming a friend of Jesus. Just remember that those living in your neighbourhood probably live with the same fears you do in this troubled world. They too deserve to hear the words of Jesus – But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Until next Monday…


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