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Monday Musings Is Taking a Leap!

Leap Year CalendarHave you ever wondered about those who are born on February 29th? Do they only celebrate a birthday every four years? It certainly brings new meaning to those who say they are “29 and holding”! Am I the only one today who is curious as to why every four years we take a leap and add an extra day to the calendar? Perhaps my curiosity is a reminder that the subject of science was not one of my strong points in school. Continue Reading

A “Ralk” Through the Ages – Part 2

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.22.15 PMLast week, I took you on a journey through some of the significant ages in my life. Today’s blog is a conclusion of that journey with stops at 24, 28 and 50.

In my 24th year, through the miraculous process called birth, Marie-José brought into this world our very first child – Stephanie. What a proud Papa I was to hold our first born in my arms in that delivery room. Over the years, her Mom and I have watched Stephanie grow and flourish into the woman she is today. At age fifteen, after losing her best friend to a rare blood disorder, Stephanie made it her life goal to become a nurse. She was the first in our family to complete university and graduate from McGill University with a degree in nursing. Today, she is the assistant head nurse on the oncology ward at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Stephanie loves what she does, fulfils here responsibilities with passion and is respected by her colleagues.

From her youth, Stephanie has had a heart of worship. That heart that seeks after God, has opened doors for her to lead people into His presence. Today she is one of the worship leaders in her home church.

Stephanie, Mom and I are proud of your success, and we admire your heart of worship!

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A “Ralk” Through the Ages

Here in Pretoria, house numbers are marked in big black and white numbers on the curbs of the streets.

A couple of weeks ago, while out for what I call my morning “ralk” (run and walk), I found myself observing the numbers on the curb and reminiscing about the ones that reminded me of significant age milestones in my personal life. So, this morning, I took a “ralk” through the ages, taking pictures of some of those age milestones. Today’s blog consist of why the ages pictured are of such significance.

IMG_4101 (1)At age 20, while in my second year of bible college, I was confronted with the untimely death of my dear mother and father – Les and Katherine Mann. This outstanding couple that I had the privilege of knowing as Dad and Mom, were taken from this world far too soon through the horror of a tragic car accident. To this day, my memories of them and their godly influence in my life remain.

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Never Underestimate God’s Ability…

ChitengeMJ left the house early this morning, heading to the Chintange Creations Sewing School where she will begin the second session of sewing classes. Today marks the progression of the school to include all three levels. I am incredibly proud of her!

Last week I overheard her making follow-up phone calls to students who had registered. One call was in English, and on another, suddenly, MJ broke out in the French language. As I listened, while doing my own work, I was struck with the thought of how God continuously orders our steps.

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