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A “Ralk” Through the Ages – Part 2

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.22.15 PMLast week, I took you on a journey through some of the significant ages in my life. Today’s blog is a conclusion of that journey with stops at 24, 28 and 50.

In my 24th year, through the miraculous process called birth, Marie-José brought into this world our very first child – Stephanie. What a proud Papa I was to hold our first born in my arms in that delivery room. Over the years, her Mom and I have watched Stephanie grow and flourish into the woman she is today. At age fifteen, after losing her best friend to a rare blood disorder, Stephanie made it her life goal to become a nurse. She was the first in our family to complete university and graduate from McGill University with a degree in nursing. Today, she is the assistant head nurse on the oncology ward at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Stephanie loves what she does, fulfils here responsibilities with passion and is respected by her colleagues.

From her youth, Stephanie has had a heart of worship. That heart that seeks after God, has opened doors for her to lead people into His presence. Today she is one of the worship leaders in her home church.

Stephanie, Mom and I are proud of your success, and we admire your heart of worship!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.22.42 PMThen at 28, along came every father’s dream, to have a son born into the world. Jonathan from birth was a handful, weighing in at eleven pounds, six ounces.

His charming personality, attention to style, unique humour and interest in people makes him a fun person to be around.

Jonathan always had a love for music. I remember watching him as a young boy, pick up a wooden coat hanger and pretend he was playing the saxophone. One day, a lady in our church told us that she had a bought a saxophone while out shopping. She said she had no use for it, but it was too good a deal to pass by. We bought it from her and Jonathan got his start on his very first real sax. Eventually, he saved up money to buy himself a brand new silver sax. That beautiful instrument accompanied him on his journey toward a performance degree at McGill University. To this day, he is my favourite saxophonist!

And then, I watched as my son fell in love with a young lady named Julia. They had grown up together in church, giving their Sunday School teacher interesting challenges in the classroom. In their early twenties, friendship grew into love, and love grew into marriage.IMG_4093

I will always cherish the memory of my fiftieth year when I had the privilege of marrying my son and daughter-in-law on a beach in the Bahamas. Julia has become like our third child, fitting into our family like she is our very own.

Today, as a couple they have developed a very successful interior design business in the City of Montreal and in Europe. Why not take time to check out their website at www.jandjinteriors.ca and see for yourself the magic they create together in the world of design.

MJ and I are grateful for these three young people who have brought such fulfilment in our lives as a couple. Stephanie, Jonathan and Julia, we love you, are so very proud of you, and grateful that the three of you have chosen to put Jesus first in your lives.

Until next time…

Dad (Don to the rest of my friends)



  • Barbara Mockett

    February 22, 2016

    Hello Pastor Mann – I (Barbara Uguccioni then) was under your ministry for a very brief time at Parkway before I went off to EPBC to complete my fourth year. I interned at the same church you pastored at in Oshawa. I have recently begun to read your blogs. I thoroughly enjoy them. Your wisdom, passion, and your joy in Christ blesses me on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing. I eventually married Rob Mockett (Bill & Wendy Mockett’s oldest son, if you remember them) and we have two teenage children now. I can’t wait to somehow get a copy of your Book on Integrity.

    • rtcblog

      February 25, 2016

      Hi Barbara. It is so great to re-connect with you. Thank you for your encouraging words. Please say hi to Rob for me. Of course MJ and I remember you and Rob very well. The book is coming along. It is our hope to someday make it available in Canada. Every blessing Barbara. Don & MJ Mann


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