“Hiatus”, an interruption in the continuity of one’s work. That is the word that best describes how I am spending the first four months of 2016. Bill Pipke, my ministry partner, and myself, are in the process of writing a book/manual called “The Six Pillars of Integrity”. Diverting all my travel to the summer and fall of 2016, I have devoted my time to writing the introduction and three of the six pillars.

Today’s blog consists of some of the quotes that I have pulled out of my manuscript. I hope it will wet your appetite to read more when he book is released in the fall of 2016.

“Corruption is not isolated to a country or a continent, it is a world wide pandemic. According to Transparency International, more than six billion people live in countries with a serious corruption problem. If you consider that in 2016, (at the writing of this manual) there are over seven billion people on this planet, it means that less than ten percent of the world’s population is freed from the cancer of corruption.  I would call that a pandemic.”

“From my observation of living on two continents, a person of corruption is one who is either driven by poverty, captivated by position, or has a mindset that says if I need it, and you have it, then I have a right to take it. Those captured by corruption use whatever means is at their disposal to exploit the resources of others, using those resources for their own personal gain and self-enrichment.

“Hollywood portrays sexual promiscuity and marital unfaithfulness as the norm and calls it ‘reality TV’… ‘Holywood’, the churches version of ‘reality TV’, has turned originals into photocopies. How many church leaders have become a photocopy of those who preach hypnotic messages, sell religious gimmicks, and perform antics that would put most circus shows out of business.”

“First, your leadership position in your mountain of influence is a gift that has been placed in your hands. Your position permits you to rule over those who have been placed under your authority, but not at the expense of violating their dignity…Like Nebuchadnezzar, you may think that you have a head of gold in your leadership position, but I remind you that your feet are made of iron and clay…Far too many leaders who once had a place of influence, have been blown away by the wind of corruption, never to be seen again.

“We as leaders today, from every mountain of influence, need to recognize that the best way to influence a culture is to cultivate men and women when they are young. The question is, who will get to them first?”

“The only way to attack the obesity of corruption is to test the diet of integrity…The result will be healthier leadership…a nourished society, economic turnaround that will benefit all not just a few, and a continent that will gain world wide influence and respect. Be an agent of change in your mountain of influence!

“You will never have to defend your integrity, your integrity will speak for itself…The walk of integrity is a lifestyle, not a legislation.  It effects how we conduct our business, and it impacts how we conduct ourselves when no one is looking. The true test of integrity is what our family observes when we are behind the walls of our home.”

Your for integrity!

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