Browse Day: March 14, 2016


Prototype – the original or model on which something is based or formed.

Many of my readers are aware of the sewing initiative Marie-José (MJ), my wife of almost thirty-four years, started in Zambia seven years ago called Chitenge Creations. It has resulted in numbers of Zambian women who have started their own sewing enterprises either out of their home or in the marketplace.IMG_7725

Today, Chitenge Creations has a school operating out of Cornerstone Assembly here in South Africa. As I write this blog, MJ finds herself at the school, overseeing her teachers and the fifteen students who are involved in three levels of sewing classes.

Yesterday, I watch as MJ turned our dining room table into a Chitenge Creations laboratory in which the newest prototype was created – oven mitts. This week, some of the students will begin to use that prototype as a model and turn it into a final product that will find its way to Canada upon our return at the end of April. Continue Reading


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