The Real Deal

Jesus, from start to finish, is the real deal.   He is the full package!  That’s a truth you can count on as we head toward Easter, the most significant week on the Christian calendar.

757708294_7e21351ade_bThe apostle Peter gives us two pictures of Jesus – the cornerstone and the capstone.

Cornerstone means the starting place. It is a stone that unites two walls at an intersection; a stone representing the nominal starting place of a monumental building; something that is essential, indispensable; the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed. (

Two thousand years ago, on what we call Good Friday, Jesus started it all. His death was an essential and indispensable act of love. When Jesus laid down His life, He took the sins of the world upon Himself. He became the Cornerstone upon which anyone who chooses, can begin to build a personal relationship with Him. Confessed sin gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. If you haven’t done so already, take time to consider building the rest of your life on Jesus, the chief Cornerstone.

But that is just the beginning. Peter goes on to say that Jesus became the capstone.

Capstone means a finishing stone of a structure; the crowing achievement. (

Jesus’ death was just the starting place. After three days in the tomb Jesus rose from the dead on what we call Easter Sunday. His resurrection from the dead was his crowning achievement. His resurrection finished what the Cross started.

Soft LightTake a good look at the arch that someone so meticulously built on a beach. Without the capstone at the top, the arch would crumble and fall. Jesus is the Capstone that will hold your life together when you come up against challenges and crisis.

Over the years, I have watched as far too many people think of Jesus only in a time of crisis. They try to build their life without making Jesus the Cornerstone, and wonder why life fails to hold together in adveristy. You can’t have one without the other. Building your life without the Cornerstone is like trying to build a roof over your head without laying a proper foundation. When the strong winds come along, the roof blows away.

Make Jesus the Cornerstone of your life today so that when the wind of crisis blows tomorrow, Jesus, the Capstone, will hold you together. Jesus is the real deal.  He is the full package.  He is the start and the finish!

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