Browse Day: January 23, 2017

When life is the pits…

Have you ever uttered the words “that’s the pits” or the more commonly used phrase today, “I was thrown under the bus”?

For those who enjoy Formula One racing, you know how strategic pit stops are in the race. A seven-second pit stop can make the difference between winning and losing the race. Most of us see pit stops as an inconvenience, we prefer to avoid them because we see them as a disruption toward our final destination.

The Old Testament character Joseph teaches us a lot about pit stops. At the age of seventeen, he was thrown into a pit by his brothers who were motivated by intense hatred and jealousy toward him. Ultimately they sold him to merchants for twenty shekels of silver, who in turn sold Joseph to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaohs’ guard.

What can the pit teach those who have been forsaken by family, mistreated by a boss, or have been used by someone else for personal gain?

1) The Pit Prepares

Your pit stops, which are temporary, can prepare you for success. If you will trust God in the pit, others will trust you because they will see that God’s favor is with you.

2) The Pit is Strategic

Don’t see your pit stop as a delay, view it as God’s opportunity to display His favor, success, and strategic responsibility for your life. Joseph’s pit strategically prepared him to live in Potiphar’s house. When Potiphar saw that the Lord was with Joseph, he became his attendant, taking care of everything that Potiphar owned.

3) The Pit Protects

Joseph’s journey included a stop in prison, where he was forgotten about for more than two years. The seduction of Potiphar’s wife and her fabricated lie that followed landed Joseph in prison. Even in prison, the warden saw the favor of God upon Joseph and put him charge of all the prisoners, and all that was done there.

On your journey toward success, there will be those who will try to seduce you. That seduction may come in the form of sexual advances, the lure of financial gain, or the enticement of corrupted power. Your choice to flee from those temptations may even lead to false accusations against you, but herein lies the power of pit stops. The pit teaches you to put your trust in God’s plan so that you will not cave into the seductive traps of life. If God can pull you out of the pit, He can pull you out of the place of temptation!

Finally, don’t let the people that put you in the pit keep you in the pit.

The pain of the past and your unwillingness to forgive those who have offended you will keep you in the pit they put you into. The very people that put Joseph in the pit pulled him out! Let the offenses of others be the very thing that pulls you out of your pit! As you begin your week, choose not to live in the pain of past hurt, instead, let God heal those hurts and use them to pull you out of your pit to the freedom of a new life!

Until next Monday…


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