Browse Day: July 8, 2019

Pieces of the Puzzle

Six weeks ago, when I discovered that I had cancer, I told  MJ that life felt like pieces of a puzzle in a box. I suggested that we empty the box, spread it on the table, and start putting the puzzle together one piece at a time. There was a sense that one day it will form a beautiful picture.

Since then, we have watched as God has literally helped us to fit pieces together in mind boggling and faith building ways. It would take multiple blogs to describe each piece and explain how they connect together. Everything from closing the chapter of our life in South Africa to being blessed with some of the finest medical care that anyone could ask for. Slowly but surely, the picture is coming together.

After weeks of appointments, scans, tests, and x-rays, another piece will be added as chemo begins on Friday. The decision to start chemo before surgery is allowing one of the pieces of the puzzle (a tumour in my liver) to shrink in size so that surgery will be less complicated.

At times, some of the pieces seem out of place. They seem more like misfits, like finding out I need to do an emergency root canal the day before chemo starts. However, what seems like a misfit can be God’s way of preventing something far more serious in the future.

MJ and I continue to hold tightly to the right hand of our Heavenly Father, the Healer. We thank God for being surrounded by such a tremendous medical team. We are equally thankful for the incredible army of people who have told us they are praying. There are few words to adequately describe how overwhelming and humbling it is to be lifted so high in prayer. Prayer will guide the medical team and prayer will move God’s hand so that His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Although there are many pieces of the puzzle still on the table, we are confident of what the picture will look like in the future because we already see how it is coming together in the present.

Just a reminder, that whatever my lot, God is still showering me with peace because it is well with my soul!

Until next time…



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